Spring and Summer Minis Are Coming!

Spring and summer minis are some of my favorite! After the dreary winter weather and the beautiful flowers blooming, it's hard not to be in awe of what nature is capable of. This year's lineup will include bluebonnets, wildflowers, sunflowers, pride and ice cream! As usual, immediate family members (including the furry ones!) are always included. If you have extended family or want multiple outfits we will have to book 2 time slots.

There will also be a discount if you book multiple types of minis!


Bluebonnet minis will be in Flower Mound, TX at this beautiful patch! I personally think the morning sun is best for this location

(there are also generally less people out early in the morning, so less waiting around!). Bluebonnets typically bloom in April,

with mid-late in the month being ideal for growth and fullness.


This STUNNING patch is in Richardson, so a bit of a drive for my Denton/ FloMo clients! But SO worth it.

The colors and height of the flowers is unmatched. This patch blooms in May, with the middle being ideal.


My favorite flower! Ideally these will be up in North Denton this year. There are several gardens, but I

did love this spot from last year. I also love being able to support local businesses like this one! Generally sunflower

sessions are in June. Specific dates are dependent on the location and their bloom timeline. The great thing about sunflowers

is that they follow the sun, so morning or evening is great for this location! (Don't forget your bug spray, though)


I'm so excited for Pride minis this year! I'll have my studio dec'd out but we can also do an outdoor session. I have rainbow flags,

sunglasses and disco balls that are great for indoor or outdoor.

Ice Cream!

I had this idea late last year, but it was so fun! National Ice Cream Day is July 21 and we have our lovely ice cream staple:

Beth Marie's here in Denton. These will be held about a week or two before the actual date to make sure photos

are ready in time! I will rent the private room and we can also do photos outside.