A few weeks ago I packed up my gear and headed to Mosaic Makers Co. in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas. Katy, the owner, reached out to me and told me she wanted to host a doggo themed pop up, and she wanted to offer pet portraits "paw-traits" to guests! We made an event online and encouraged people to sign up for FREE pictures with their fur babies. Check out some of the doggos I got to meet!

This is Onyx! Onyx is a pitt mix. She rescued her human after a terrible loss. Onyx was very happy and eager to meet all the humans and dogs!

This is Mango! Is that not the cutest name you've ever heard? Mango is a three legged doggo with a lot of spunk and energy. She had to take a few breaks, but she was so sweet and had the best side tongue.

Luna was the biggest pupper to come see me. She was also on the older side. She was very sweet and well mannered!

This is Adzuki! she was so soft, y'all. also extremely well mannered. and just look how pretty!

Last but not least, Bailey! Bailey caught a lot of people's attention because she was unleashed, and never wandered away from her owner! Nothing distracted her in the busy Bishop Arts District. I wish my dog was that well behaved...

Hire me for all your pet photography needs! I could use more fur babies in my work.